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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are resumes accepted in lieu of applications?
    No, Pitt County requires a completed application.
  • Can I apply for more than one position on the same application?
    Yes, you can apply for three positions at the time the application is submitted. You may later add positions of interest by contacting Human Resources.
  • The closing date of the position is 6/1/2011, does that simply mean as long as it is before 6/1/2011 that the application is accepted?
    No, the application must be in the Human Resources Office by 5:00 pm ET on the closing date of the position in which you are applying. Applications received in Human Resources after 5:00 pm ET will not be considered for position.
  • The position in which I'm applying requires a transcript, does it have to be the official transcript(original)?
    A copy of the transcript will do
  • Can I submit a paper job application instead of an online one using iAPPLy?
    Yes, you can obtain a downloadable paper application that you can fill out and print to mail in. The paper application can be found HERE.
  • I have forgotten my iAPPLy password and can't log in. What can I do?
    Click HERE to reset your password. Your new password will be sent to the email address that is registered with your account.
  • How can I change my iAPPLy password once I am logged in?
    Once you are logged in you may go HERE to change your password.
  • What's my iAPPLy profile used for?
    The iAPPLy Profile is used to generate new applications. It simplifies the apply process by pre-populating application data from the profile so that you do not have to always enter common data. The pre-populated data can be changed prior to submission if desired on a per application basis.
  • Can I save an online application to finish later?
    Yes. You can retrieve the partially completed application via the Applications tab.
  • Once I submit my job application can I make changes to it via iAPPLy?
    No. Once an application is submitted it can no longer be modified via the iAPPLy application. If changes need to be made you may contact Human Resources at 252-902-3050.
  • How do I check the status of my submitted online job application?
    You can check the status of an online submitted application via the Applications tab.
  • I have previously entered an application. If I enter a new application will it replace my existing?
    No, the previous application stays in our system because it is possible you are applying for a different job.